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The Art Nouveau Era

Art Nouveau was an artistic style popular from the 1880s to the First World War, and it sought to infuse all parts of life with art.

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 Nothing was deemed “too mundane” for this breakthrough style, and Art Nouveau found its way onto silverware, lamps, architecture, and furniture as well as onto more traditional objects like a canvas or a wall. These artists – who were trying to break away from previous artistic styles – took their inspiration from the more disorderly and wild parts of the natural world.

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 The “whiplash” curves that famously appear and reappear in Art Nouveau stemmed largely from scientific studies of plant life and deep-sea organisms. Art that was created for its own sake, rather than religious study or storytelling, was also heavily featured in Art Nouveau.

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This style did not last very long, but its influence was and remains far-reaching and can be seen many places today.

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