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Who We Are


Barn Owl Vintage is a media and e-commerce business focusing on antique and vintage items. We help families discover the true value of their treasures through our estate liquidation services. We are also helping a whole new generation discover just how great history can be through our blog and content channels. We often uncover hidden stories that provide a personal glimpse into the past. And, we offer an incredible selection of rare and one of a kind finds that are often the focal points of these stories.

We appraise estates and sell on consignment for people all over the country. We bring honesty and clarity to the often uncertain business of estate valuations.

Behind the scenes in our photo studio...

Behind the scenes in our photo studio…

Our digitally based business has a worldwide audience and is run on six rural acres in the Gold Country foothills of Northern California. We’re a team of four: Heidi, Hannah, Justin & John. We’re surrounded by free ranging chickens, adorable children, ancient oak trees and towering pines. We have a huge western horse barn, an Airstream trailer office, and a well loved truck that help keep our business running smoothly.IMG_1818

Geo, our 3 year old son

Geo, our 3 year old son

Contact us for help with appraising your items. We sell on two sites in order to reach a broad, diverse audience. We offer consignment sales to estates around the country, selling for families reaching from Vermont to California and everywhere in between, and we do estate buy outs for those who prefer that option.  Our vintage offerings are sold here on Barn Owl Vintage and also at Nachokitty, our Etsy shop.

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Here’s Hannah backstage before filming our first episode for Pawn Stars

In 2014, a producer from Pawn Stars found our website and contacted us. Hannah and Heidi have filmed 11 episodes so far, with more to come. It’s fun getting to go behind the scenes on set and see how the whole show is filmed. Meeting Rick, Corey, the Old Man, Chumlee and the whole production crew was entertaining and hilarious. It’s a great bunch of people at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop!


The ceiling of our office. Practical storage!

We have very active social media pages and post fresh content daily. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Indulgy, Pinterest, and Instagram. We have a popular blog that covers all manner of vintage topics. Find it HERE.


Here’s Heidi, one member of our team with Alan, a very happy client. We’ve helped him liquidate his collection of antique art.

Our office Airstream. A favorite robot keeps watch.

Our office Airstream. A favorite robot keeps watch.

Being that we’ve done this for nearly 20 years, we’re very experienced. Between the four of us, we know a lot. But we don’t pretend to know everything. We eat research for lunch! The history of each item is uncovered as we dig. Thousands of items are always on the move here, so let us know what you’re seeking. We have helped many people find exactly what they’re looking for. You never know what may be in the latest box!2015-03-25