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Found: A Vintage Nordic Farm in Vermont

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus this summer. I moved from Northern California to Northern Vermont. Now that I’m finally coming out from under the giant pile of boxes that threatened to smother me, I’m starting to explore. You’re not going to believe the amazing places I’ve discovered! I’ll be posting a lot more often in order to share them all with you. Today my aunt and I … Read More →

Found: A 19th Century General Store

A while ago I did a blog about a place trapped in time that I discovered in Vermont. Little did I know what a path that one encounter would put me on! I love the twists and turns that life takes. This journey has certainly been an adventure.Now we’ve left the mountains of California, moved across the country to Vermont, and are the proud caretakers of that incredible property that I … Read More →

Memories: Pea Soup Andersen’s Restaurant

Remember those dreadfully long car rides so many of us took as kids? You knew vaguely where you were going, but by about the second mile you were exhausted, hot, and weary. California’s Interstate 5 just made it worse, with glaring sun, field upon boring field to look at, and fuzzy radio stations. Then suddenly, a giant Norwegian windmill appeared on the dusty horizon. There was your relief: Pea Soup … Read More →

Discovered: An Intimate & Inspiring Writer’s Cottage

  Some homes are for display, for impressing visitors. Some homes are crash pads, meant only to serve as temporary lodging between business trips. Some homes feel like playgrounds, with toys tucked into every cubby. And some are created as havens, as places to retreat, relax, and get inspired, like the vintage cottage of my friend Molly.The first thing I noticed were the colors. Not shy about expressing her creativity, … Read More →

Valentines at the Lasseter Family Winery

Keeping the romance thriving in a relationship isn’t always easy. We fall into routines, have to get the children to stay in bed, and collapse after work. When Valentine’s Day comes around, it can be a good excuse to spoil your loved one. In 2016, the Lasseter Family Winery had a Valentine’s Day dinner for Wine Club members. With four children, my husband and I often don’t get out to … Read More →