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Vintage Gossip Leaked #1

You won’t believe the incredible stories we’ve been told. Because we sell on consignment, we are often privy to the back story on items. We hear the treasured memories and then the whispered “if you only knew!” One man I knew, William, was the last living member of his family line. Back in the 1850s, his family came over from England to California Gold Country to take up mining. They … Read More →

Welcome to Barn Owl Vintage

Well here we are. After years of chasing after those elusive cool antique items, we’re starting a blog! We can’t just hang out in attics all the time-well, unless they have wireless. We’re a team made up of 3 friends. Heidi is the appraiser and buyer. Hannah is the researcher and shipper. John is the restoration expert. We come from different parts of the world and from vastly different backgrounds … Read More →