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Vacation Secrets: The Hidden Details at Disneyland

I like to notice details. The little bits that most people overlook captivate me. I admire fine woodwork, run my hands across delicate patterns, and squint up at architectural elements. I didn’t realize it was a “thing” until friends mentioned never seeing what I did. That’s when I understood that I had a quirky hobby. A couple of months ago, we took our children to Disneyland and I discovered the ultimate … Read More →

Discover: San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Parade

In my mind, by about mid-January the warm fuzzies of the holiday season have worn off. This is especially true for my children, who start moving a little slower, sleeping a little later, and getting slightly grouchy. I cure the January blues with afternoons at the library, walks to explore new areas, and art projects. I also look for events during the winter season that will provide some excitement. The Chinese … Read More →

Vintage: A 1950s Christmas Tree Farm in the Mountains

I don’t know about you, but selecting a Christmas tree from the lot next to a gas station just isn’t quite as charming as I’d hoped for. Being that I have a small army of children, I am intent on creating traditions and rituals that they’ll remember and cherish. Taking them into the forest to find the perfect tree seems an ideal way to achieve that goal. As you drive up … Read More →

Found: Victorian Gothic Revival Elk’s Lodge

Some of the most beautiful places are invisible to us. We pass by on our daily commutes, but overlook them in a too-busy, traffic-numbed daze. Occasionally a banner will catch our eye, but much of the time all the architecture just blends together. A few weeks ago I noticed an event taking place at the large, brick, vintage, Elk’s lodge on Main Street. It was open to the public so … Read More →

Untouched: Mid Century Modern Home in Vermont

Even with all my travels, I am happily surprised to find the unexpected. My favorite discoveries are time capsules, homes that haven’t changed since their early days. Last weekend, I found such a place in northern Vermont, a Mid Century Modern home straight out of the early 1960s. When we walked through the front door, the sense of stepping back in time washed over us. Shag carpets, orange and avocado … Read More →