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Solution: Recycle Our Resources & Salvage the Past

New is not necessarily better. Often, it comes with a very high, invisible price tag. So much of the modern world is focused on latest trends and “must haves.” Somehow, an object being brand new comes with the assumption that it has more value. This fallacy has led our society to throw out, waste, and ignore usable goods that are right in front of us. My coworker, Hannah, is in her … Read More →

Chickens, Tractors & Rides: The Country Fair

Country fairs are one of the best parts of summer. Friendly competitions ranging from the biggest squash to the most delicious jam, exciting rides for the thrill seekers, a variety of animals for petting, craft and art displays by all ages, homemade local food booths, and every kind of ware for sale. It’s a challenge to see all the fair offerings in one day. I like to split it up … Read More →

Tiny, Fascinating & Forgotten: Washington, California

These hot summer days have led to a bit of that old wintertime feeling, “cabin fever.” Last weekend, when the digits rose above 100, the kids and I jumped in the car and headed for the hills. We decided to explore a small mountain town that was a relic of the 1800s California Gold Rush days. The tiny hamlet of Washington, California is one of the last remaining mining settlements in … Read More →

Found: 1890s Cookhouse Still Open in Eureka, California

While most of us have work and chores during the summer, the warm weather still tempts us astray. This past weekend, my family heard that siren call and decided to take a spontaneous road trip to the coast. It’s not the minor undertaking it was when I was 25 and childless. Now with four kids, spontaneity is something of a rare beast in these parts. We drove from our Sierra Nevada farmhouse … Read More →

Discovered: Artist & Bohemian Village in Colorado

Have you noticed? More and more these days, each town I go to looks similar to the last. My husband calls it the homogenization of America. Carls Jr, Home Depot, Starbucks, PF Changs, and repeat. This lack of diversity makes me crave places that aren’t mass-produced by corporations. They’re getting harder to find, but are worth seeking out. Recently, my business sold a vintage grandfather clock to a buyer in Wyoming. Rather … Read More →