1940s Stockton, CA Souvenir Vintage Wall Pennant, Felt

Product Description

Offering an iconic classic souvenir felt wall pennant from Stockton, CA made in the 1940’s or before.

All of the white letters are felt cut outs and stitched on to the flag. The flag itself is a deep red color and is in fine shape. The piece has moth damage in only a few places around the flag, but the letters are undamaged. None of the moth holes are larger than the size of a pea. The piece is free of discolorations or markings. The letters are off white only slightly because of dust and dirt from age. All of the felt tying strips are present and still very secure.

The item measures 32 long and 12 inches wide at the left and tapers in to a point. Smells fresh. As with all our items this is from a non smoking estaet.

Guaranteed vintage and authentic.



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