California Gold Rush Mining Pan, 1870s Gold Mining History

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Offering an interesting piece of gold mining history, a miners gold pan. Found in the barn loft of a 3500 acre ranch in the California foothills, in the heart of Cornish mining country.

This piece shows the vigorous history it was part of. Gold pan mining wasn’t passive work. It was banging the pan off on rocks to remove sediment, digging with the pan to get deeper in creek beds, and swishing rocks and sediment around, looking hopefully for that little glint of real gold.

From http://www.grassvalleychamber.com: “By 1851, thousands of people were living in the bustling town now known as Grass Valley and in the nearby town of Nevada, (later renamed Nevada City when Nevada became a state). Grass Valley suffered a disastrous fire in 1855, and Nevada City burned in 1863, but the towns quickly rebuilt and continued to grow.

The Empire, Northstar, Pennsylvania, Idaho-Maryland and Brunswick mines became known around the world, attracting hardworking miners and would be millionaires. As the underground mines grew, skilled hard-rock miners from Cornwall and Ireland arrived. They settled into their new hometown of Grass Valley while mine owners and managers lived in nearby Nevada City.  Over the next 100 years the mines extracted more than $400 million in gold, making Grass Valley California’s most prosperous mining town.”

Measures 15 1/2 inches x 14 1/2 inches x 3 inches.

Guaranteed antique & authentic.


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