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The 1970s Era

The 1970’s were marked by the end of the Vietnam War, the Watergate Scandal and subsequent resignation of President Richard Nixon, and an increasingly individual-centric culture.

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The civil rights movements began to focus more on their differences rather than their shared goals, and thus started to fracture and dissipate.

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Bob Dylan was a strong advocate of civil rights. Image credit: Bob Dylan, Danny Lyon/Magnum

Women’s rights gained new ground with the unprecedented election of more women to roles as heads-of-state, such as Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain.

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Music was very popular and the seventies saw the creation of many new genres, such as Funk, Fusion, and experimental classical music. The Jackson 5, The Carpenters, and Stevie Wonder all entered the music scene in the 1970’s. 

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Film had its share of milestones as well, with the release of Star Wars, Jaws, Grease, and The Godfather.

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Architecture was active during this decade, while Victorians and other historic buildings were moved or torn down,  the World Trade Center Towers, Sears Tower, and John Hancock Center were all built.

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