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Welcome to Barn Owl Vintage

IMG_5413Well here we are. After years of chasing after those elusive cool antique items, we’re starting a blog! We can’t just hang out in attics all the time-well, unless they have wireless. We’re a team made up of 3 friends. Heidi is the appraiser and buyer. Hannah is the researcher and shipper. John is the restoration expert. We come from different parts of the world and from vastly different backgrounds that lend themselves well to the antique business. All together we make a fantastic team.


We live in the gold rush foothills of Northern California. The surrounding area was established by Cornish miners back in the 1850s, which means there is a lot of vintage to be found! Our business is located on 6 acres with a huge western barn. Thanks to the mild climate, on any day you’ll likely find at least one of us outside working.

We launched Barn Owl Vintage to make it easier for our customers to find us. Since we have always supplied items to weddings and the film industry, it made sense to offer rentals. We’re also selling a wide variety of items. It’s really amazing the array of vintage we run across. Some days we’ll be clearing out a tall historic Victorian, while others we’ll be knee deep in a barn rescuing antique horse saddles.


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  1. Kim Fernandez says:

    Heidi you have such an amazing eye for all your photos you use in your blog posts! Id love to sip some spiced miner wine out of one of those melon colored glasses.

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